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Portrait of Bogusia Dausend Therapist and Shiatsu Masseuse in Torre del Mar in Málaga

Thank you for visiting my website. Please inform yourself about my offers.

All my services are based on a qualified interdisciplinary training and long work experience.
I am happy to advise you on your individual requests.

With best wishes for a pleasant relaxation, healing, vitality and long life!

Your Bogusia Dausend, Therapist


My Services:

Facial rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation through cosmetic acupuncture and facial massage is suitable for anyone whose skin is affected with loss of moisture and firmness by stress, lack of sleep, nicotine, metabolic disorders and hormonal ageing. read more

Energie-Kanäle des subtilen feinstofflichen Körpers


A therapeutic conversation connects the emotional experience with the symptoms on the physical level and help you to solve your life problems. read more

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